The Guts That Scrape The Skies

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” […] one of the most fascinating digestive systems on the planet—a distributed organ that begins inside the bodies of tiny insects and expands into towers that scrape the skies.”


“In an economically, ecologically, culturally and politically co-dependent and entangled world – to which border-controls and neoliberal nationalism are invalid responses – it is difficult, however, to sustain the traditional image of critique: the calm distancing by way of setting apart and judging. Given our awareness of multifaceted, multispecies connectedness and global entanglements, we realize that our evaluations and assessments, as well as our actions, (must) come about from within the processes of on-going change and differentiation, in continuous feedback-loops and multilateral negotiations. Practicing critique as laying bare the conditions of possibility on which then a ‘better’ programme will be built, a more justified normative order, falsely arrests the continuous feedback between the assessments and what is assessed, and reduces these complex and never inconsequential entanglements. Thus, our practices and images of critique need to be rethought: What is asked of us today is a critical practice that affirms the situated nature of any diagnosis, yet dares to answer to the needs of terra critica: a world in critical condition, whose planetary connectivity calls for critical intervention and creative responses, neither relativistic nor universal, but with sustainable futures in view.”                              

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All enjoyment, all taking in and assimilation, is eating, or rather: eating is nothing other than assimilation. All spiritual pleasure can be expressed through eating. In friendship, one really eats of the friend, or feeds on him. It is a genuine trope to substitute the body for the spirit—and, at a commemorative dinner for a friend, to enjoy, with bold, supersensual imagination, his flesh in every bite, and his blood in every gulp.